HT Creative Design

About this service

Creatives are a prominent way to bridge with your viewers. A good graphics will surely attract the reader’s attention and it will also add more spark and engagement among the people. A viewer who has a well creative experience will be able to share it with more audiences. Check out our range of creatives that will help influence your design making process and lead them through your conversation.

It’s no secret that visual content dominates social media, which is why great creative design is essential in order to compete. Today, consumers are constantly confronted with lots of information. Great creative design is how businesses are standing out to promote themselves. An attractive design is able to do brand-lifting and most of all, it can be very engaging.

Putting creative design to work for your organization will enable you to achieve a big lift in your brand’s performance, connect with your target audience, leave a great impression, and drive meaningful business results.

Motion Graphic – Video

Animation have quickly become a means to satisfy the users’ needs for making purchases, acquiring information and advice’s. There are many different types of videos that you can create for marketing practice. It can focus on your brand, tells the audience about your brand and how can you help your visitors. Having a strong mixture of video, audio and graphics on your brand can bring your company’s personality to life and give your viewers the opportunity to get a feel for who you are. This is why motion graphics can demonstrate your passion, dedication, and authenticity to serving your audience, as well as giving them the required information of how you can help them.

Info-graphics Design

Info-graphics have been so much captivating that people use them everywhere in digital marketing. A well developed information can help you change your subject to an enchanting experience. We create a meaningful topic, focus on the data you need and produce the info graphic content in front of audiences who matter the most.

Banner and Flex Design

A very pervasive way of marketing, banner designs can be used to raise the hits you’re searching for. They are a very significant way to find new audiences and they visualize them what you have in a proposal. To create banner and flex, we work hard on improving the graphics and the content with your objectives to strengthen your marketing objectives.

Brochure Design

A professionally represented brochure helps you achieve your market objectives and goals like increasing awareness, driving sales or promoting your purchases. You will see all the effort has not only caught the viewer’s attention, it has also delivered value to them.

Facebook Creative Design

Our designs are created and analyses in such a way that it will enhance the Facebook behaviors i.e likes, comments & shares. They can be used further to connect with people such as tagging them in the posts or sharing quotes with them.

Package and Pricing

Best Price, Best Service, Best Value

Type Price
Animation Video Up to 10 sec Rs. 300 per second
Up to 20 sec Rs. 280 per second
Up to 30 sec Rs. 260 per second
Above 30 sec Rs. 240 per second
Brochure design A4 – Single side Rs. 6,000
A4 – Both side Rs. 10,000
Design – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Banner Single design Rs. 1,500
Pack of 10 Rs. 12,000
Pack of 20 Rs. 20,000
Logo design Rs. 5,000
Print advertisement design Rs. 5,000
Calendar design 12 page Rs. 15,000
06 page Rs. 12,000
04 page Rs. 10,000
02 page Rs. 8,000
01 page Rs. 5,000